Monday, August 4, 2014

Search for Benefit in your Pain

Living life fully invites pain. It invites suffering. It invites struggle. Why not get a reward from these things?

You will lose.
You will fail.
You will suffer.
You will make mistakes you wish you could take back.
You will lose loved ones. 

These things are all apart of life. But your beauty is reflected in the way you respond to these things. Because that is all they are.


They happened to you. They are NOT you. 

Do not personally identify with your mistakes, failures, loss, and suffering. Remove yourself from this. Be the observer instead of the perceiver.

Observe what is happening and what positive can come from it.

Hold back from complaining about your situation. Bite your tongue. Unless there is a solution that can be made of it, hold your tongue. 

Complaining is productive if it is brought up to someone who can take action on the complaint. Mindlessly complaining is wasteful energy on both parties. Bring up complaints to the specific person or keep your mouth shut. This will help in interpersonal relationships.

People may not like you but they will respect you. If you’re worried about everyone liking you, you better get over it quick. It’s NOT going to happen. 


Practice one healthy habit of dealing with mistakes, failures, and suffering each day to better prepare for when life really hits you hard. It’s the little habits repeated daily that make the difference.

Little and often over the long haul. 

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