Monday, October 28, 2013

Freedom From The Mind

Finishing my training today, something came to me.  I say this because when we are in the moment, lost in what we are doing, we are connected to the Infinite.  Or so I believe.

The something gave me this to think on:

It's not so much about feeding yourself positivity or false hope.  A lot of the time, it's about not feeding yourself negativity.  You see if we allow ourselves to be The Strongest Version of Ourselves, we will unconsciously be more vibrant and positive.  Sure, negative thoughts creep in from time to time.  It's normal.  But we are better able to combat them with our raised vibration.  Anytime you find yourself being hyper-critical of yourself---pause---notice---and simply breath deep.

5-6 seconds in
Hold It
5-6 seconds out

Simply Breathe.

It allows for presence in the moment to overtake us rather than being critical.  Now, this is a a daily habit.  Discipline to stick to Becoming the Strongest Version of Ourselves doesn't simply happen overnight.  One must practice every single day.  I have found by starting my day off with energy, I am  better set up for success in Being the Strongest Version of Myself.  The following are 3 things that have helped me start my day off with a bang.

1. Chanting

Before I rise in the morning, I begin chanting.  It causes me to vibrate, breathe and open myself up---awakening.  There is no wrong way to chant.  Do what feels natural.  I prefer chanting OM (AUM)

2. Hygiene & Water

After chanting, I immediately brush my tongue, teeth and splash water in my face.  It's simple but after cleaning my mouth I feel tremendous.  Then, 1-2 water bottles of full of water and I am excited for the day.  Not to mention, drinking around 20-30 oz. upon waking increases your metabolism by a whopping ~27%.  That's worth doing.

3. Lumosity trains your brain on the science of neuro-plasticity.  Doing this for ~10 minutes per day trains your brain and keeps you sharp.  Plus it's personalized to what you want to work on.  It's free too.


Now, this is a short list.  I do much more because either I need to or because it makes me feel great.  But these 3 things will undoubtedly add energy to your mornings and days.  And it takes maybe 15-25 minutes.

Dedicating time for yourself is easily forgotten if not done immediately in the morning because of our busy lives.

Becoming a Hero and The Strongest Version of Yourself starts with the simple things.  Forget about some magic formula for success.

Show up each day and give your best effort.  Consistency breeds success.

Yeha Noha,

Shine Your Light

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