Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's Bigger Than You

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars"

~Khalil Gibran

Strength comes from struggle--not success

Your altitude is determined by your attitude during times of struggle

The music playing in your story is ringing

The war drums are banging

It's time to wake up

It's time to fight

To push past the struggle--and see what's on the other side

Dive into the struggle.  Swim around the murky waters.  Many dare not go too deep for fear of drowning.  And so they retreat.  

Others struggle--back and forth--back and forth--back and forth


They decide these murky waters are worth swimming around in.  That it's worth the fight.  

So they struggle.

For Days.
For Weeks.
For Months.
For Years.

AND finally, they reach the path.  A lesson learned.  Strength found.  They realize their imperfections and release them into the world.  Because with battle--they become strong(er)--tough(er)--and more resilient.

And with each battle--they learn compassion for themselves, balance of emotions and learn to experience life fully.

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go"

~Hermann Hesse

You don't need rollercoasters, skydiving, or mountain climbing (even though they are awesome) to fully experience life.  


Be Angy
And breathe when you want.

This practice allows for the full experience.  

The Past 10 Days

I shut off.  Emotionless.  The days were drudgery.  My vitality--my energy--seemingly gone.  Hijacked.  My zest for life, the same.  

But I trained each day.  More stress meant tougher workouts.  What was easy days before seemed infinitely more difficult. 

All I wanted was to sleep until the feeling went away.  But life kept throwing rocks at me.  Daring me to fight back.  Resistance knew I was weak and it's stronghold it had on me was nearly suffocating.  The Yin and Yang of my life was taking me for a ride.  My habits went fro healthy to unhealthy.  My thoughts, the same.  Action as limited.  Stress mounted.

But today, my body showed me--my heart yelled--IT'S BIGGER THAN YOU.  

The pain

The struggle

It's not just about you.  

It's about everyone in your life.  

And if you quit

If you sputter for too long

The people around you will suffer

And you may not get another chance with them

So pick yourself up



Do whatever it takes

Because this fight is Bigger Than You

Shine Your Light,

Yeha Noha

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